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November 21
Dog Ugly (Pres Smith's side project of weird rockabilly and Elvisy music)
Jimmy Bradley's
Irish Pub
ul. Sienna 39

Start time 21:00
December 5
Dog Ugly once again! Jimmy Bradley's
Irish Pub
ul. Sienna 39
Start time 21:00
December 13
Hoodoohat will be appearing with brothers-in-arms Poparzeni Kawa Trzy, Russian ska specialists and one of the best and nuttiest bands in Warsaw at M25 to hail Romek the Radio Guy's (RMF FM)'s birthday. The bash will also feature yet another band (which we've been told to keep secret, but which you have to see to believe)
Start time 21:00
M25 ul. Minska 25

More details to be announced



See photo gallery from
Jimmy Bradley's birthday party on February 2



We've been asked about CDs - and some of you have them - but the final, ultimate CD is on the way with a total of ll songs, and being the gentlebonemen that we are, here are a few non-downloadble samples for your sweet perusal!

1. Lost Sailor (copyright 2006 Smith/Tymkoff)
2. Leon (or "The Story of Leon" copyright 2006 Smith/Tymkoff)
3. Run Boy Run (copyright 2006 Smith/Tymkoff)
4. Bone Music (copyright 2006 Smith/Tymkoff)
5. My Own Kind (copyright 2006 Smith/Tymkoff)
6. The Bone Box Song (copyright 2006 Smith/Tymkoff)
7. The Ohm Song (copyright 2006 Smith/Tymkoff)
8. Diamond Blood (copyright 2007 Smith/Tymkoff)
9. The Big[raw mix] (copyright 2007 Smith/Tymkoff)
10. The Small [raw mix] (copyright 2007 Smith/Tymkoff)
11. The True Story of John Henry [raw mix] (copyright 2007 Smith/Tymkoff)

The one and only definition of Bone Music

Welcome to the world of Hoodoohat and Bone Music. Just to make sure we're all on the same page, Bone Music is not blues. It's not rockabilly, although sometimes it's a bit of Bonabilly, or a bit of Billybone, but not so much billy that the bone becomes predictable. But since Bone Music cannot be defined by what it isn't, let us tell you what it is, this being, simply put, guitar driven music that makes more than just the average bonehead want to dance.

listen to the musiclisten to the musiclisten to the music

1. Rock This Town.mp3. Here's a live sample of Hoodoohat covering the Stray Cats'/Brian Setzer's Rock This Town. It's not quite what we're doing these days, but it is a helluva fun song to play. A lot of our stuff is a bit harder-edged, but again, Setzer is king, and the party crowd loves it.

2. My Own Kind.mp3 (Copyright 2006/Preston Smith). Bizarre jumpy Bone Music for bizarre jumpy people. Also a lot of fun to play.

3. Don't Worry Baby.mp3. Here's another live cut (a little rough recording-wise, I admit), this time of Hoodoohat covering Los Lobos (one of the greatest bands in the world), and dang, talk about a great song to play live.

Plenty more is coming soon from Hoodoohat, but we're in discussions with someone in the biz, so we have to see how it works out before we post our favorite originals. With regard to the first CD, cross your fingers, send us your mojo, give us your karma, etc. ­ or just come out to see us play.

In the meantime, it's also worth checking out a couple of tracks by Marek "the Unknown Giant" Tymkoff. These songs are in Polish, but dang can this cat play.

1. Nie wiem nic.mp3 (I don't know nothin')    /Copyright 2005 Marek Tymkoff/

2. Wez sie do roboty.mp3 (Get to work)   /Copyright 2005 Marek Tymkoff/