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The Band:

Driven by the somewhat eccentric creativity of Konrad "Pres" Smith and the blues-meets-anything approach of lead guitar player Marek Tymkoff, Hoodoohat puts a spin on blues, rockabilly, country and just about anything else to come up with what they only half-jokingly describe as Bone Music. Whether delivering slashing originals or dishing out original takes on often obscure covers, the band is about playing live - which means delivering something else: a helluva a good party. 

"We got tired of hearing so much mopey music on the radio - and even moreso in bars and clubs," according to Smith. "Then you have the angry bands, or the rockout bands that nobody can dance to.

"There is nothing wrong with any of this - I'm a fan of just about everyone - but the bands that I kept coming back to were more in the Brian Setzer, Joe Walsh or even Grateful Dead vein. These are bands that were more about delivering a party, songs to dance to that still had some brains behind them - if we can manage that, then we are finally getting somewhere."  

Hoodoohat does appear to be on the road to getting somewhere - although just where is a question Smith is quite hesitant to answer - with a CD near completion and possible gigs in Ireland and Britain coming up. 

"As long as we can keep playing live, then we're happy," Smith says. "We have been lucky this year with some great Warsaw gigs. Hopefully, we'll do a bit more traveling as the year plays out."

Hoodoohat includes:

Preston Smith     Konrad Zielinski  
Marek Tymkoff
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